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AkeBoose is a development-driven engineering company. We specialize in machine components and systems that apply liquid to a substrate. Our focus is traditionally on the flexographic and rotogravure printing and packaging industry, for which we develop and build application and supply systems for printing inks and coatings. The AkeBoose product range covers chamber doctor blade systems, ink supply and ink handling systems, as well as rotogravure blade holders with matching doctor blades.

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AkeBoose chamber doctor blade systems are designed to make printers’ everyday life easier by offering smoothly functioning and cost efficient ink metering of superior and consistent quality.

Our range of chamber doctor blade systems covers the whole spectrum of flexo printing applications, from narrow web label printing to wide web flexible packaging as well as corrugated and tissue printing. To accommodate the specific needs of the individual printing application, our chambers can be equipped with special features for optimal function.

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Powerful chamber system for medium to wide web flexo printing

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Slim one-piece chamber system for narrow to medium web flexo printing

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Chamber system with ink reservoir for clean and high precision printing of UV inks without the use of ink pumps.

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