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Enpurex® is a truly green and biodegradable solution for cleaning all types of ink, including water-based, UV and solvent-based ink. Incorporates microscopic intelligent structures that vibrate 4,000 times per second, break up and get underneath the ink. Apply the product to the anilox roller and within 5 minutes, you have a perfectly deep cleaned anilox roller. We challenge you to apply this product to an anilox roll you thought was clean. The small molecules in the cleaner continuously change shape and size, work their way between the dried and hardened ink left in the cells of the anilox and gently remove the ink, producing a complete clean you never thought possible. Because Enpurex does not damage the cell walls, it increases the life of the anilox roller and therefore reduces costs significantly.

Sample packs of this revolutionary product are available from DTM Flexo Service


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