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Alphasonics USA have developed a range of ultrasonic cleaning systems for flexography, gravure and offset. Our innovation and technical expertise mean our comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaning solutions can be tailored specifically to your cleaning requirements.

At Alphasonics USA we understand that the anilox is the cornerstone of the printing press and the priority for every print house is to maintain peak performance and condition of your aniloxes and other on press components.

Our range of anilox cleaning systems are fully automated for anilox and sleeve maintenance, they that will not only provide the highest and consistent cleaning standards available for users of the flexographic and gravure printing processes but are also completely safe for regular use even on the highest screen counts.

Every print shop is different so all of our anilox cleaning systems are individually designed and built to suit your unique and specific requirements. Alphasonics USA ultrasonic cleaning systems are:

Designed to clean anilox rolls, sleeves and gravure cylinders

Help reduce set up times

Minimize downtime

Optimize print quality


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This compact and cost effective benchtop unit is available in either single, dual or triple tank configurations, plus Alphasound or Betasound variants.

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The Megan series of floor standing models incorporates the very highest technological advantages in Alphasound research. Manufactured to exact standards, the Megan system can be found in pressrooms around the world.

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The Mia brings technology to the benches of smaller printers and is compact and simple to use. The machine contains a manually activated pump, as well as a filtration system for tank cleanliness and chemical longevity.

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